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Discover Lucerne, the City of Lights!

We will take you on a stroll round the city, showing you why Luzern is known as the most beautiful city in Switzerland. The historic old town with its exciting history, the well-preserved city walls with imposing towers, medieval wooden bridges, fountains, churches, and squares make Lucerne an unforgettable experience.

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1 Kapellbrücke mit Blumen 1024x384.jpg
5 Wirtshausschild Hirschen 1024x384.jpg
8 Kapellbrücke original 1024x384.jpg
Kapellbrücke 1024x384.jpg
Kapellbrücke mit Pilatus 1024x384.jpg
Luzern von oben 10234x384.jpg
Zytturm und wilde Männer 1024x384.jpg

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Blick aus Wasserturm 800x533.jpg
Fritschifassade 800x533.jpg
Häuser Reusssteg 800x533.jpg
Löwe 800.jpg
Reuss 800x533.jpg
Seepromenade 800x533.jpg
Wasserturm 800x533.jpg

Interested in a specific topic?

  • Fountains as sources of life and decorative objects
  • Art and architecture from the Middle Ages to modern times
  • The common people and festivals throughout the year
  • Important figures from the Middle Ages to the present day
  • Justice in the Middle Ages - robbers, murderers, executioners, and judges
  • Churches and monasteries
  • Museums
Contact us, and we will put together an individual programme for you.